Wii U Gets Wiike U from WiiKey


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So This is yesterdays news, If you guys have seen this then sorry, otherwise check this cheap copy/paste. Not sure how I feel about this, I kind of want the Wii U to have some decent breathing space before any of this happening:

Yes, its real - we have now completely reversed the WiiU drive authentification, disk encryption, file system, and everything else needed for this next generation K3y. Stay tuned for updates!

Edit: Link to their site http://wiikey.com/news/


Wiikey U is the first and only optical drive emulator that allows you to play all your WiiU games from any USB media!

* Play your WiiU and Wii games from any USB media!
* Compatible with all WiiU models and regionsD
* User friendly intuitive interface
* No soldering required
* Multi-language support
* Supports most popular file systems, including EXT4/3/2, Max OS X, and NTFS
* Powerful embedded Linux system
* High-speed USB2 interface
* Firmware and FPGA fully in-system updatable from USB media
* Recovery mode - it is always possible to recover from a bad flash
* Stylish USB remote with powered USB hub and charger function
* Bulletproof high quality hardware (not manufactured in China!)


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Thanks for posting this up mate, I feel the same as you.. the Wii U is having a hard enough time staying afloat at the moment. Whilst a piracy method would bring a lot of new HW sales, being blown open for straight piracy this early on would not lead to much confidence for developers :(

I would have loved it if a homebrew solution accompanied it! Well I would have loved the homebrew anyway


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3rd party support is the biggest concern, Home brew would be better then drive cloning imho. I guess we'll see, I've read the Wii U sold more units in the 1st month then both ps3 and the 360. This possibly reflects on the price though? I'm sure the interwebs are arguing about the morals and future of the WiiU, the only console I can think of that got hacked this early was the DC, food for thought


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Wow...it's amazing the PS3 stayed secure so long when you see stuff like this happen so fast.

I'm not crazy about their controllers. Console controllers are getting expensive enough...and now the Wii U has a $150 controller. Can't wait for my kids to rage-destroy one.