Release multiMAN 04.19.06 Released


Hentai freak
PSone Disc Image support is now officially almost on par with CD-based backup support, thanks to this update


DeanK has made a minor update to the multiMAN application, which now supports PSX NETEMU on disc images, which can be done by pressing ▲, and then choosing Game Settings, but however, the PSX NETEMU feature does not support multi-disc games for the time being, and this feature has only been tested and confirmed to work on post-3.55 firmwares, and thus, this feature has not been tested for 3.41/3.55 firmwares, although DeanK said that "hopefully 3.41 and 3.55 versions will work too".

DOWNLOAD LINK: multiMAN 04.19.06 - SendSpace

DISCUSSION THREAD: multiMAN Support Thread - PS3Crunch

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Hentai freak
Thanks Gh0st!

However, I was half-asleep at the time of writing due to me playing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on Steam! :p