Greetings and Salutations!

Frederick F.

New member
Greetings all. I come to this forum with great respect and a bit of trepidation. I've come to enjoy (and be frustrated at times!) by the Android platform through owning a Galaxy SII for 2 years, a Galaxy Note 3 (amazing!) for 6 months and now a Minix Neo X7 (also amazing!) for 3 weeks. Considering the amount of times I am still perplexed by this fine hardware, I would still put myself firmly in the newbie camp! So, I ask for your patience and forebearance in advance in tolerating what may well be rather juvenile queries on the platform. I'll try to keep them to a minimum and get up to speed quickly! I appreciate your expertise, and thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

What compelled me to join specifically is a problem that I'm having with the audio and video cutting out periodically and the screen going black for periods of 1 to 2 seconds during playback of You Tube and Netflix content on my X7. I'm unsure if I received a defective unit, or have a FW issue and am not sure how to proceed. I guess that I'll post this issue with specifics and in greater detail in the Neo X7 Thread and see if anyone can be of assistance. I notice that at present there are no posts in the Neo X7 heading, so I assume that the workings of the X5 and X7 are similar.

Nice to be here! Best, Frederick F.