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  1. GH_Rake

    OllyDBG Tibia Reverse Engineering Tutorial

    Learn how to reverse engineer and call two function in the Tibia MMORPG. One function prints to the screen and the other sends a chat message. We will find the functions using OllyDBG and figure out their calling convention & function prototype and then learn to call them using an internal C++...
  2. GH_Rake

    Basic C++ Linux Game Hacking Tutorial

    This is a video made by my friend matthew99g, he took our beginner C++ hack tutorial for Windows and he adapted it to work on Linux. In this video you will learn to Get the list of running processes Find the game process id Get the process base address Read memory Write memory Unlimited ammo in...
  3. GH_Rake

    HELP IDA Pro Tutorial Video by (GH)Rake

    I recently made 2 more tutorials using IDA Pro and some other tools that go several steps farther than this beginner series:
  4. GH_Rake

    HELP IDA Pro Tutorial Video by (GH)Rake

    All the videos are reuploaded on our cocoscope, thanks for viewing! They don't have embeds setup yet, so just some links for now :)
  5. GH_Rake

    Tutorial Beginner IDA Pro Game Reversing - Fly Hack

    We will be reverse engineering the MoveEntity function, in it we will reveal 3 variables that can be manipulated to make a fly hack, invisibility hack and noclip hack. This is not a universal hack, just some interesting logic holes I found in Assault Cube that allow you to do some interesting...
  6. GH_Rake

    Tutorial How to Make a Keygen for Beginners

    The big meanies at youtube just made a new rule a few weeks ago "no more game hacking channels", and banned us. All our videos are being reuploaded @
  7. GH_Rake

    Greetings people of earth

    Greetings, I'm Rake from I actually found this cool forum when I was looking at my referrals in Google Analytics and saw that storm shadow had linked my youtube video on IDA Pro here on the forum. I thought that was cool because outside the game hacking community I...
  8. GH_Rake

    Tutorial How to Make a Keygen for Beginners

    This tutorial was made by my friend PwndDepot and will be helpful to anyone who has never made a keygen before. The purpose of this tutorial is to get some real world reversing experience by generating a serial for a "crack me", a program that is intentionally designed for reverse engineers to...
  9. GH_Rake

    Suggestion APP disable Windows 10 tracking

    Thank you for this cool share. I have tried almost all these types of tools over the years and I have found that the best most comprehensive tool for the average user is: For advanced users this one is amazing
  10. GH_Rake

    Source Code Dump binary to array of bytes

    Just a simple source, you can drag and drop any binary on the .exe and it will create a .h file of the binary converted into an array of bytes. Useful if you want to embed your file and inject it from memory or drop it to disk or whatever. The resulting text file looks like this #pragma...
  11. GH_Rake

    Inject shellcode without knowing the bytes

    I answered an interesting StackOverflow question recently and thought it was kinda neat so I thought I'd share it. Basically the user wants to write asm to a process without knowing the bytes. Typically you copy the bytes and put it into a BYTE buffer[], but this is a neat alternative/ You...
  12. GH_Rake

    Universal Pattern / Signature Parser

    Different tools generate different signatures, IDA plugins, Cheat engine plugins, x64dbg, ollydbg etc... Whenever you're signature scanning you use a pattern and a mask but who doesn't enjoy the convenience of using them combined in one string? Trouble is that the tools generate different types...
  13. GH_Rake

    Tutorial How to Manual Map a DLL Great video tutorial made by good friend Broihon. It's really good and wanted to share it with everyone I can find :) Manual Mapping Basically emulates LoadLibrary(), our manual mapping function will do these things Load raw binary data Map sections...
  14. GH_Rake

    HELP IDA Pro Tutorial Video by (GH)Rake

    Hey it's Me! Thanks for sharing my video. The internet did not have a good beginner IDA tutorial so I tried to fill the void with this series. People always ask me "how to learn reversing" or "how to reverse this" as if there is a 10 Step method that will solve all their reversing problems...