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Suggestion Skyperious by suurjak Skype SQLite database viewer and merger

Discussion in 'Source Code' started by storm shadow, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

    Skyperious 3.5

    Skyperious is a Skype database viewer and merger, written in Python.
    You can open Skype SQLite databases and look at their contents:
    • search across all messages and contacts
    • browse chat history and export as HTML or spreadsheet, see chat statistics
    • import contacts from a CSV file to your Skype contacts
    • view any database table and export their data, fix database corruption
    • change, add or delete data in any table
    • execute direct SQL queries and
    • synchronize messages in two Skype databases: keep chat history up-to-date on different computers, or restore missing messages from older files into the current one
    Additionally, it doubles as a useful database tool for any SQLite file. Also, a command line interface is available with key functions like exporting, searching, and merging. The graphical version includes a Python console window.
    Making a backup of the database file is recommended before making any changes. There is an easy "Save as" button for that on the database index page.
    Downloads, help texts, and more screenshots at http://suurjaak.github.io/Skyperious.

    Using The Program

    Skyperious can look through user directories and detect Skype databases automatically, or you can select specific files or folders. Once added to the database list, a file can be opened for browsing, searching and exporting, or compared with another database for merging.
    Searching an opened database supports a simple Google-like query syntax. You can use keywords to search among specific authors or chats only (from:john, chat:links), or from certain dates only (date:2012, date:2010..2013-06). Search supports wildcards, exact phrases, grouping, excluding, and either-or queries.
    HTML export can download shared photos and embed them in the resulting HTML. This can be disabled in File -> Advanced Options -> SharedImageAutoDownload.
    As shared photos are kept on the web, Skyperious needs to ask for Skype account password on HTML export. The password is only used for retrieving the images, and is not retained.
    Image download is also supported in the command-line interface.
    In database comparison, you can scan one database for messages not found in the other, and merge all detected messages to the other database. Or you can browse and copy specific chats and contacts.
    Skyperious offers a number of options from the command line:
    export FILE [-t format] export Skype databases as HTML, text or spreadsheet
    search "query" FILE search Skype databases for messages or data
    merge FILE1 FILE2 merge two or more Skype databases into a new database
    diff FILE1 FILE2 compare chat history in two Skype databases
    gui [FILE] launch Skyperious graphical program (default option)

    Skyperious can be minimized to tray, clicking the tray icon opens a search popup.
    Skyperious can usually read from the same file Skype is currently using, although this can cause temporary program errors. Writing to such a file is ill-advised.
    The program itself is stand-alone, can work from any directory, and does not need additional installation, Windows installers have been provided for convenience. The installed program can be copied to a USB stick and used elsewhere, same goes for the source code. The command line interface only needs Python to run.
    Skyperious has been tested under Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux, and reported to work under OS X and Windows 8. In source code form, it should run wherever Python and the required Python packages are installed.
    If running from pip installation, run skyperious from the command-line. If running from straight source code, launch skyperious.sh where shell scripts are supported, or launch skyperious.bat under Windows, or open a terminal and run python skyperious/main.py in Skyperious directory.
    If you encounter a bug in the Skyperious GUI, you can send a report from menu Help -> Send feedback.


    Windows: download and launch the latest setup from http://suurjaak.github.io/Skyperious/downloads.html.
    Mac/Linux/other: install Python, wxPython, pip, and run pip install skyperious
    The pip installation will add the skyperious command to path. For more thorough instructions, see INSTALL.md.
    Skyperious has a Vagrantfile, see dist/README for Vagrant.md.

    Source Dependencies

    If running from source code, Skyperious needs Python 2.7 or 2.6, and the following 3rd-party Python packages:
    If wxPython is not available, the command line interface will function regardless. If other Python libraries are not available, the program will function regardless, only with lesser service - like lacking Excel export or full search syntax.
    Skyperious can also run under wxPython 2.8.12+, with some layout quirks. Python 2.6 will need the argparse library. Python 3 is yet unsupported.


    Skyperious includes step, Simple Template Engine for Python, (c) 2012, Daniele Mazzocchio (https://github.com/dotpy/step).
    Shared images slideshow in HTML export implemented with jsOnlyLightbox, (c) 2014, Felix Hagspiel (https://github.com/felixhagspiel/jsOnlyLightbox).
    Emoticon images in HTML export are property of Skype Limited, (c) 2004-2006, released under the Skype Component License 1.0.
    Default avatar icon from: Fancy Avatars, (c) 2009 Brandon Mathis, http://brandonmathis.com/projects/fancy-avatars/
    Several icons from: Fugue Icons, (c) 2010 Yusuke Kamiyamane, http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/
    Includes fonts Carlito Regular and Carlito bold, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Google_Crosextra_Carlito_fonts
    Binaries compiled with PyInstaller 2.1, http://www.pyinstaller.org
    Installers created with Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 3.0b1, http://nsis.sourceforge.net/


    Copyright (c) 2011 by Erki Suurjaak. Released as free open source software under the MIT License, see LICENSE.md for full details.

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