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Simple Msil Decryptor by CodeCracker

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade.' started by storm shadow, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

    Simple MSIL Decryptor
    A tools for decrypting MSIL.
    Works for:
    - Cli_Secure
    -. the the NET the Reactor the
    - CodeVeil
    - etc
    Simple CodeVeil trick:
    While to decrypting CodeVeil if you see the message "Thank you for evaluating CodeVeil." simple roll back the date with few years and run the tools again. Framework 4.0 suport: Framework4.0.zip file contains Simple_MSIL_Decryptor.exe.config In order to have Framework 4.0 suport: all you have to do is to place Simple_MSIL_Decryptor.exe.config in the same directory with Simple_MSIL_Decryptor. the exe * Note: some protectors do not suport Framework 4.0 so use it only when is necesary! New bugs fixed;

    New Framework 4 config!
    VB applications must have a the commandLine the else will not run! (without Nop EntryPoint checked)

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  2. hoangcuongflp

    New Member

    How can run is when my computer not support ?.
  3. lonewolf

    New Member

    from the year 2016,

    We send you thanks!! :)
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  4. kelalung

    New Member

    Hello, I have a case as follows
    Has an x64 application .net code
    In the code it contains anti-dump + anti-debug + check runtime via key online too, if check wrong, do not run the next function
    And now it's set "themida 2x net" to it
    I see the unpack themida net tutorial on the internet, have used megadump, but this application is anti dump file! :::::((((
    This is so hard, do you have any solutions?