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Tutorial RetroArch Basic Installation and setup

Discussion in 'RetroArch' started by Gh0st, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Gh0st

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    • Gh0st
    • Feb 5, 2013
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    The PC version can be a bit daunting at first with all the boxes and options.
    Once you've done it once though it's really simple.

    1. http://themaister.net/retroarch.html Download the version that will run on your version of Windows (32/64bit)
    2. Place the .zip file where you want the emulator and unzip it.
    3. Look for and double click on the GUI retroarch-phoenix.exe
    4. In the top menu, click on RetroArch and then select "Update RetroArch"
    5. That opens up this screen
      In there, click on "Check Version" up the top left, it will make sure you're up to date and also load the available cores in the bottom box
    6. Select the cores (emulators) you want to install and download them. Close this screen
    7. Back at the main screen its time to get it setup to play. You need to tell RetroArch where to store and load its settings, via the RetroArch config file path. Click Open, and then navigate to your RetroArch folder and choose the file named retroarch.cfg. Same for RetroArch path, click Open, navigate to the same folder and select retroarch.exe.
    8. Click Open next to the libretro core path text field, if needed browse to your RetroArch installation folder and click one of the cores you downloaded eg: libretro-git-snes9x-next-x86_64.dll
    9. Finally for this simple setup and play tutorial, Click Open up the top next to the Normal ROM path text box.
    10. Browse to the ROM that goes with the core you selected and double click on it.
    11. Click on the long Start RetroArch bar and enjoy
    That concludes the basic setup and play part of the tutorial, I'll add stuff about the shaders, etc soon
    Here is a link to the shader pack that will work with the PC version if you want to have a play around in the meantime.
    Shader Pack Download - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4nhc4lpfvc26z9a
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