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Release Python 2.7.11 Released

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade.' started by storm shadow, Dec 7, 2015.

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  1. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

    Today they release python 2.7.11 with alot of changes.

    New fetures first

    Code (HTML5):
    # New features
    - improved Python zip application support
    - additional unpacking generalizations
    - "%-formatting" for bytes and bytearray objects
    - a new operator (@) for matrix multiplication
    - os.scandir(), a fast new directory traversal function
    - adding support for automatic retries of interrupted system calls
    - change StopIteration handling inside generators
    - the typing module, a new standard for type annotations
    - math.isclose(), a function for testing approximate equality
    - making the Windows Python launcher aware of virtual environments
    - eliminating .pyo files
    - a new and improved mechanism for loading extension modules
    - coroutines with async and await syntax

    Here is the changelog

    Code (HTML5):
    Python News
    What's New in Python 2.7.11?
    *Release date: 2015-12-05*
    - Issue #25624: ZipFile now always writes a ZIP_STORED header for directory
      entries.  Patch by Dingyuan Wang.
    What's New in Python 2.7.11 release candidate 1?
    *Release date: 2015-11-21*
    Core and Builtins
    - Issue #25678: Avoid buffer overreads when int(), long(), float(), and
      compile() are passed buffer objects.  These objects are not necessarily
      terminated by a null byte, but the functions assumed they were.
    - Issue #25388: Fixed tokenizer hang when processing undecodable source code
      with a null byte.
    - Issue #22995: Default implementation of __reduce__ and __reduce_ex__ now
      rejects builtin types with not defined __new__.
    - Issue #7267: format(int, 'c') now raises OverflowError when the argument is
      not in range(0, 256).
    - Issue #24806: Prevent builtin types that are not allowed to be subclassed from
      being subclassed through multiple inheritance.
    - Issue #24848: Fixed a number of bugs in UTF-7 decoding of misformed data.
    - Issue #25003: os.urandom() doesn't use getentropy() on Solaris because
      getentropy() is blocking, whereas os.urandom() should not block. getentropy()
      is supported since Solaris 11.3.
    - Issue #21167: NAN operations are now handled correctly when python is
      compiled with ICC even if -fp-model strict is not specified.
    - Issue #24467: Fixed possible buffer over-read in bytearray. The bytearray
      object now always allocates place for trailing null byte and it's buffer now
      is always null-terminated.
    - Issue #19543: encode() and decode() methods and constructors of str,
      unicode and bytearray classes now emit deprecation warning for known
      non-text encodings when Python is ran with the -3 option.
    - Issue #24115: Update uses of PyObject_IsTrue(), PyObject_Not(),
      PyObject_IsInstance(), PyObject_RichCompareBool() and _PyDict_Contains()
      to check for and handle errors correctly.
    - Issue #4753: On compilers where it is supported, use "computed gotos" for
      bytecode dispatch in the interpreter. This improves interpretation
    - Issue #22939: Fixed integer overflow in iterator object.  Original patch by
      Clement Rouault.
    - Issue #24102: Fixed exception type checking in standard error handlers.
    - Issue #10128: backport issue #10845's mitigation of incompatibilities between
      the multiprocessing module and directory and zipfile execution.
      Multiprocessing on Windows will now automatically skip rerunning __main__ in
      spawned processes, rather than failing with AssertionError.
    - Issue #25578: Fix (another) memory leak in SSLSocket.getpeercer().
    - Issue #25590: In the Readline completer, only call getattr() once per
    - Issue #25530: Disable the vulnerable SSLv3 protocol by default when creating
    - Issue #25569: Fix memory leak in SSLSocket.getpeercert().
    - Issue #7759: Fixed the mhlib module on filesystems that doesn't support
      link counting for directories.
    - Issue #892902: Fixed pickling recursive objects.
    - Issue #18010: Fix the pydoc GUI's search function to handle exceptions
      from importing packages.
    - Issue #25515: Always use os.urandom as a source of randomness in uuid.uuid4.
    - Issue #21827: Fixed textwrap.dedent() for the case when largest common
      whitespace is a substring of smallest leading whitespace.
      Based on patch by Robert Li.
    - Issue #21709: Fix the logging module to not depend upon __file__ being set
      properly to get the filename of its caller from the stack.  This allows it
      to work if run in a frozen or embedded environment where the module's
      .__file__ attribute does not match its code object's .co_filename.
    - Issue #25319: When threading.Event is reinitialized, the underlying condition
      should use a regular lock rather than a recursive lock.
    - Issue #25232: Fix CGIRequestHandler to split the query from the URL at the
      first question mark (?) rather than the last. Patch from Xiang Zhang.
    - Issue #24657: Prevent CGIRequestHandler from collapsing slashes in the
      query part of the URL as if it were a path. Patch from Xiang Zhang.
    - Issue #22958: Constructor and update method of weakref.WeakValueDictionary
      now accept the self keyword argument.
    - Issue #22609: Constructor and the update method of collections.UserDict now
      accept the self keyword argument.
    - Issue #25203: Failed readline.set_completer_delims() no longer left the
      module in inconsistent state.
    - Issue #19143: platform module now reads Windows version from kernel32.dll to
      avoid compatibility shims.
    - Issue #25135: Make deque_clear() safer by emptying the deque before clearing.
      This helps avoid possible reentrancy issues.
    - Issue #24684: socket.socket.getaddrinfo() now calls
      PyUnicode_AsEncodedString() instead of calling the encode() method of the
      host, to handle correctly custom unicode string with an encode() method
      which doesn't return a byte string. The encoder of the IDNA codec is now
      called directly instead of calling the encode() method of the string.
    - Issue #24982: shutil.make_archive() with the "zip" format now adds entries
      for directories (including empty directories) in ZIP file.
    - Issue #17849: Raise a sensible exception if an invalid response is
      received for a HTTP tunnel request, as seen with some servers that
      do not support tunnelling.  Initial patch from Cory Benfield.
    - Issue #16180: Exit pdb if file has syntax error, instead of trapping user
      in an infinite loop.  Patch by Xavier de Gaye.
    - Issue #22812: Fix unittest discovery examples.
      Patch from Pam McA'Nulty.
    - Issue #24634: Importing uuid should not try to load libc on Windows
    - Issue #23652: Make it possible to compile the select module against the
      libc headers from the Linux Standard Base, which do not include some
      EPOLL macros.  Initial patch by Matt Frank.
    - Issue #15138: Speed up base64.urlsafe_b64{en,de}code considerably.
    - Issue #23319: Fix ctypes.BigEndianStructure, swap correctly bytes. Patch
      written by Matthieu Gautier.
    - Issue #23254: Document how to close the TCPServer listening socket.
      Patch from Martin Panter.
    - Issue #17527: Add PATCH to wsgiref.validator. Patch from Luca Sbardella.
    - Issue #24613: Calling array.fromstring() with self is no longer allowed
      to prevent the use-after-free error.  Patch by John Leitch.
    - Issue #24708: Fix possible integer overflow in strop.replace().
    - Issue #24620: Random.setstate() now validates the value of state last element.
    - Issue #13938: 2to3 converts StringTypes to a tuple. Patch from Mark Hammond.
    - Issue #24611: Fixed compiling the posix module on non-Windows platforms
      without mknod() or makedev() (e.g. on Unixware).
    - Issue #18684: Fixed reading out of the buffer in the re module.
    - Issue #24259: tarfile now raises a ReadError if an archive is truncated
      inside a data segment.
    - Issue #24514: tarfile now tolerates number fields consisting of only
    - Issue #20387: Restore semantic round-trip correctness in tokenize/untokenize
      for tab-indented blocks.
    - Issue #24456: Fixed possible buffer over-read in adpcm2lin() and lin2adpcm()
      functions of the audioop module.  Fixed SystemError when the state is not a
      tuple.  Fixed possible memory leak.
    - Issue #24481: Fix possible memory corruption with large profiler info strings
      in hotshot.
    - Issue #24489: ensure a previously set C errno doesn't disturb cmath.polar().
    - Issue #19543: io.TextIOWrapper (and hence io.open()) now uses the internal
      codec marking system added to emit deprecation warning for known non-text
      encodings at stream construction time when Python is ran with the -3 option.
    - Issue #24264: Fixed buffer overflow in the imageop module.
    - Issue #5633: Fixed timeit when the statement is a string and the setup is not.
    - Issue #24326: Fixed audioop.ratecv() with non-default weightB argument.
      Original patch by David Moore.
    - Issue #22095: Fixed HTTPConnection.set_tunnel with default port.  The port
      value in the host header was set to "None".  Patch by Demian Brecht.
    - Issue #24257: Fixed segmentation fault in sqlite3.Row constructor with faked
      cursor type.
    - Issue #24286: Dict view were not registered with the MappingView abstract
      base classes.  This caused key and item views in OrderedDict to not be equal
      to their regular dict counterparts.
    - Issue #22107: tempfile.gettempdir() and tempfile.mkdtemp() now try again
      when a directory with the chosen name already exists on Windows as well as
      on Unix.  tempfile.mkstemp() now fails early if parent directory is not
      valid (not exists or is a file) on Windows.
    - Issue #6598: Increased time precision and random number range in
      email.utils.make_msgid() to strengthen the uniqueness of the message ID.
    - Issue #24091: Fixed various crashes in corner cases in cElementTree.
    - Issue #15267: HTTPConnection.request() now is compatibile with old-style
      classes (such as TemporaryFile).  Original patch by Atsuo Ishimoto.
    - Issue #20014: array.array() now accepts unicode typecodes.  Based on patch by
      Vajrasky Kok.
    - Issue #23637: Showing a warning no longer fails with UnicodeErrror.
      Formatting unicode warning in the file with the path containing non-ascii
      characters no longer fails with UnicodeErrror.
    - Issue #24134: Reverted issue #24134 changes.
    - Issue 15348: Stop the debugger engine (normally in a user process)
      before closing the debugger window (running in the IDLE process).
      This prevents the RuntimeErrors that were being caught and ignored.
    - Issue #24455: Prevent IDLE from hanging when a) closing the shell while the
      debugger is active (15347); b) closing the debugger with the [X] button
      (15348); and c) activating the debugger when already active (24455).
      The patch by Mark Roseman does this by making two changes.
      1. Suspend and resume the gui.interaction method with the tcl vwait
      mechanism intended for this purpose (instead of root.mainloop & .quit).
     2. In gui.run, allow any existing interaction to terminate first.

    - Change 'The program' to 'Your program' in an IDLE 'kill program?' message
     to make it clearer that the program referred to is the currently running
     user program, not IDLE itself.

    - Issue #24750: Improve the appearance of the IDLE editor window status bar.
     Patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #25313: Change the handling of new built-in text color themes to better
     address the compatibility problem introduced by the addition of IDLE Dark.
     Consistently use the revised idleConf.CurrentTheme everywhere in idlelib.

    - Issue #24782: Extension configuration is now a tab in the IDLE Preferences
     dialog rather than a separate dialog.   The former tabs are now a sorted
     list.  Patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #22726: Re-activate the config dialog help button with some content
     about the other buttons and the new IDLE Dark theme.

    - Issue #24820: IDLE now has an 'IDLE Dark' built-in text color theme.
     It is more or less IDLE Classic inverted, with a cobalt blue background.
     Strings, comments, keywords, ... are still green, red, orange, ... .
     To use it with IDLEs released before November 2015, hit the
     'Save as New Custom Theme' button and enter a new name,
     such as 'Custom Dark'.  The custom theme will work with any IDLE
     release, and can be modified.

    - Issue #25224: README.txt is now an idlelib index for IDLE developers and
     curious users.  The previous user content is now in the IDLE doc chapter.
     'IDLE' now means 'Integrated Development and Learning Environment'.

    - Issue #24820: Users can now set breakpoint colors in
     Settings -> Custom Highlighting.  Original patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #24972: Inactive selection background now matches active selection
     background, as configured by users, on all systems.  Found items are now
     always highlighted on Windows.  Initial patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #24570: Idle: make calltip and completion boxes appear on Macs
     affected by a tk regression.  Initial patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #24988: Idle ScrolledList context menus (used in debugger)
     now work on Mac Aqua.  Patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #24801: Make right-click for context menu work on Mac Aqua.
     Patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #25173: Associate tkinter messageboxes with a specific widget.
     For Mac OSX, make them a 'sheet'.  Patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #25198: Enhance the initial html viewer now used for Idle Help.
     * Properly indent fixed-pitch text (patch by Mark Roseman).
     * Give code snippet a very Sphinx-like light blueish-gray background.
     * Re-use initial width and height set by users for shell and editor.
     * When the Table of Contents (TOC) menu is used, put the section header
     at the top of the screen.

    - Issue #25225: Condense and rewrite Idle doc section on text colors.

    - Issue #21995: Explain some differences between IDLE and console Python.

    - Issue #22820: Explain need for *print* when running file from Idle editor.

    - Issue #25224: Doc: augment Idle feature list and no-subprocess section.

    - Issue #25219: Update doc for Idle command line options.
     Some were missing and notes were not correct.

    - Issue #24861: Most of idlelib is private and subject to change.
     Use idleib.idle.* to start Idle. See idlelib.__init__.__doc__.

    - Issue #25199: Idle: add synchronization comments for future maintainers.

    - Issue #16893: Replace help.txt with help.html for Idle doc display.
     The new idlelib/help.html is rstripped Doc/build/html/library/idle.html.
     It looks better than help.txt and will better document Idle as released.
     The tkinter html viewer that works for this file was written by Mark Roseman.
     The now unused EditorWindow.HelpDialog class and helt.txt file are deprecated.

    - Issue #24199: Deprecate unused idlelib.idlever with possible removal in 3.6.

    - Issue #24790: Remove extraneous code (which also create 2 & 3 conflicts).

    - Issue #23672: Allow Idle to edit and run files with astral chars in name.
     Patch by Mohd Sanad Zaki Rizvi.

    - Issue 24745: Idle editor default font. Switch from Courier to
     platform-sensitive TkFixedFont.  This should not affect current customized
     font selections.  If there is a problem, edit $HOME/.idlerc/config-main.cfg
     and remove 'fontxxx' entries from [Editor Window].  Patch by Mark Roseman.

    - Issue #21192: Idle editor. When a file is run, put its name in the restart bar.
     Do not print false prompts. Original patch by Adnan Umer.

    - Issue #13884: Idle menus. Remove tearoff lines. Patch by Roger Serwy.

    - Issue #15809: IDLE shell now uses locale encoding instead of Latin1 for
     decoding unicode literals.


    - Issue #24952: Clarify the default size argument of stack_size() in
     the "threading" and "thread" modules. Patch from Mattip.

    - Issue #20769: Improve reload() docs. Patch by Dorian Pula.

    - Issue #23589: Remove duplicate sentence from the FAQ.  Patch by Yongzhi Pan.

    - Issue #22155: Add File Handlers subsection with createfilehandler to Tkinter
     doc.  Remove obsolete example from FAQ.  Patch by Martin Panter.


    - Issue #24751: When running regrtest with the ``-w`` command line option,
     a test run is no longer marked as a failure if all tests succeed when

    - PCbuild\rt.bat now accepts an unlimited number of arguments to pass along
     to regrtest.py.  Previously there was a limit of 9.


    - Issue #24915: When doing a PGO build, the test suite is now used instead of
     pybench; Clang support was also added as part off this work. Initial patch by
      Alecsandru Patrascu of Intel.
    - Issue #24986: It is now possible to build Python on Windows without errors
      when external libraries are not available.
    - Issue #24508: Backported the MSBuild project files from Python 3.5.  The
      backported files replace the old project files in PCbuild; the old files moved
      to PC/VS9.0 and remain supported.
    - Issue #24603: Update Windows builds and OS X 10.5 installer to use OpenSSL
    - Issue #25022: Removed very outdated PC/example_nt/ directory.
    What's New in Python 2.7.10?
    *Release date: 2015-05-23*
    - Issue #22931: Allow '[' and ']' in cookie values.

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  2. computerline

    Well-Known Member Ida Pro Expert

    There bug their report in hexblog http://www.hexblog.com/?p=949, so, wait to it update before update python, until now, the 2.7.10 is good work with ida6.8
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  3. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

    I read about the bug, but the bug affects only those never setting en vars , so since i have set mine manuelly in pre versions it runs fine :)
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