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Release PS3ITA Manager 1.30 (Iris Manager fork) Released - Adds CFW PS3ita 4.41DEX Support

Discussion in 'Homebrew' started by Nighthawk, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. Nighthawk

    Hentai freak Admin

    It's-a me, PS3ita Manager - now with PS3ita 4.41 DEX CFW support​


    The Italian dev team, PS3ita, has now released PS3ita Manager 1.30, with game-loading and fan control support for the PS3ita 4.41 DEX CFW, and the ability to permanently change your console ID on PS3ita 4.41 DEX CFW

    v1.30, 21/07/13

    New Features:

    - Added payload 4.41 DEX.
    – Control fan” now also supports CFW 4.41 DEX.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: fan control mode is not active by default (mode “# SYSCON”).
    To activate it enter in the menu “Tools”, “Control Fan & USB Wakeup” and choose your preferred mode (“# By User” or “payload”).
    – Possibility of make “permanent” the console id inserted by keyboard on screen (ONLY FOR CFW 4.41 DEX).
    NOTE: the console id will be set automatically when you boot the console, is not necessary start ps3ita manager after every boot (ONLY CFW 4.41 DEX PS3ITA).


    - It possible lower the fan speed in mode “# By User” up to 0×33 (What highly NOT recommended anyway).
    – Possibility also further lower the values ​​of the mode “Payload”.

    Problem fixed:

    - Some translation files were saved by mistake with ISO encoding, because of this some accented characters were not displayed.
    Now everything should be fine.

    v1.21, 09/07/13


    - Updated language "CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED" and CHINESE_TRADITIONAL. Thanks to "Liqianyu"!
    - You can now display a total of 1024 games (there were 512 in the previous versone). Not tested.

    Problem fixed:

    - Fixed payload 4.46.
    A simple transcription error did not work properly it.
    - Fixed some problems with mode disc-less (with cfw 4.21 cex and 4.30 cex not work properly).
    Thanks to "Liqianyu" for reporting both problems!!

    DOWNLOAD LINK - PS3ITA MANAGER SOURCE CODE: PS3ITA Manager 1.30 Source Code - PS3ita

    NEWS SOURCE: PS3ITA Manager 1.30 Released - PS3ita
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