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PS3 Pointman: The Akkadian Wars (Beta) - Homebrew Game Released for PS3 by Condorstrike

Discussion in 'Homebrew' started by Nighthawk, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Nighthawk

    Hentai freak Admin

    Condorstrike loves all things homebrew and now he's released a homebrew game for the PS3


    Condorstrike, a well-known homebrew developer, has released a homebrew game for the PS3 named Pointman: The Akkadian Wars, which is released as a "proof-of-concept" due to the developer having to deal with real-life events, which is now the case for most of the scene developers.

    DOWNLOAD LINK: Pointman - Condorstrike

    NEWS SOURCE: Pointman: Akkadian Wars Released - Condorstrike
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