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Custom ROM Neo G4 1080p Custom Port v1 - By Free Radical

Discussion in 'ROMs' started by Gh0st, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Gh0st

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    • Gh0st
    • Feb 5, 2013
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    Another Custom ROM by one of our members here Free Radical

    This ROM combines:
    • Latest 1080p kernel from MINIX NEO G4 20130401 (version 006) firmware credit MINIX
    • Finless 1.2b MINIX X5 system features credit Bob Finless
    • Latest clockwork mod recovery for the MINIX Neo G4 by _fun
    • Prerooted, ext4 filesystem, ~10-15% better performance over stock (500-600 pts better Antutu score in an average of 3)
    • High clarity 240 dpi display (No need of aftermarket app. For best results, change font size to huge)
    • Latest libstagefright library and hdmi audio passthrough by MINIX
    • AirPin service from MINIX X5, stock Rockchip Remote control support
    • Easy reboot to bootloader mode using reboot to fastboot option and Reboot app (not the one in Finless rom) i.e. No need for the switch or toggling Connect to PC, USB storage and debugging
    • Stock MINIX boot animation
    • Stock fingerprint in Play Store
    • All features of latest Neo G4 rom and Finless 1.2 rom
      • MINIX's new power menu
      • Lockscreen enabled (credit Finless)
      • Gameloft Fix (credit Finless)
      • x360 layout (credit Finless)
      • Mouse wheel zoom option (credit Finless)
      • Default launcher select option
      • All updated Google apps
    • You must flash this as you would any stock firmware using "Restore" mode in the RKBatchTool.
    • This rom is prerooted. I am not responsible for any security issue. If in doubt, don't install.
    I have just tested this on my MINIX Neo G4 and found everything to be working.

    Please report back any bugs so that I may try to correct them.

    Known Issues:
    • You may get a Damaged Storage notification on first boot. That happens when the internal /sdcard is not mounted. Simply click the notification and proceed to format the internal storage and the problem will be solved.
    • external_sd and USB not available on first boot up. Power down completely after the system has initialized and on the next reboot they will be mounted correctly.
    • 3D performance will be sluggish compared to 720p kernel. This is expected as the device has to draw a lot more triangles to generate 1080p frames.
    • Any bugs from the stock kernel and Finless 1.2b will be inherited.

    I am not responsible for any loss, monetary or otherwise arising from the information or software posted herein. Proceed at your own risk.
    When in doubt, DO NOT FLASH!

    Download Link:


    Screenshots of interface (Click to enlarge 1920x1080):
  2. storm shadow

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  3. Darby

    New Member

    I'm pretty excited about the potential of HDMI passthrough working on the Neo G4, as I thought it was impossible to accomplish (according to Minix admin). Am I safe under the assumption that plugging the HDMI into my TV, and running a SPIDF to my stereo receiver, I should see dolby digital/dts streams come through on my stereo with this custom mod (provided i have all the correct settings on my tv, G4 and receiver of course).

    Also, the XAF XBMC custom build, did you happen to run that on this firmware variation with "great success!!" ?