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Release ida_ipython IDA Pro Plugin for embedding an IPython Kernel

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by storm shadow, Feb 15, 2015.

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  1. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

    What and Why?

    This is a plugin to embed an IPython kernel in IDA Pro. The Python ecosystem has amazing libraries (and communities) for scientific computing. IPython itself is great for exploratory data analysis. Using tools such as the IPython notebook make it easy to share code and explanations with rich media. IPython makes using IDAPython and interacting with IDA programmatically really fun and easy.

    Example Uses

    QT Console

    You can just use IPython qtconsole for a better interactive python shell for IDA.
    You can also use the QT console to graph things. This is an example creating a bar chart for the occurrences of each instruction mnemonic in a function (in notepad.exe).


    Another useful case is using IPython notebooks.
    • Function Entropy - Here is an example where we compute the entropy (using scipy stats module) of each function in notepad.exe and graph the result.
    More examples..soon...

    How the plugin works

    IDA is predominantly single threaded application, so we cannot safely run the kernel in a separate thread. So instead of using another thread a hook is created on the QT process events function and the "do_one_iteration" method of the ipython kernel is executed each frame.


    I suggest using the Anaconda distribution of Python as it comes with all the required python libraries pre-built and installed. Alternatively you can install IPython and the dependencies separately.
    This plugin should work on all 6.X x86 QT versions of IDA.

    Basic Installation and QTConsole

    1. Download and extract the release
    2. Copy files from python and plugins directories into your IDA directory.
    3. Launch IDA.
    4. Start an IPython qtconsole with the kernel instance (outputted in the IDA console) e.g ipython qtconsole --existing kernel-4264.json

    Using the Notebook

    1. Copy idc directory to your IDA directory. (the nothing.idc scipt is used to pass command line parameters to the plugin)
    2. Copy IPython profile notebook\profile_ida to %HOME%\.ipython\profile_ida (All the configuration is default except one line to set the kernel manager in ipython_notebook_config.py)
    3. Change the IDA_EXE variable to your idaq.exe location then copy notebook\idakernelmanager.py to somewhere accessible on your python path e.g %PYTHONHOME%\Lib\site-packages
    4. Run ipython notebook --profile ida at the command line
    5. Start a notebook and IDA should start
    How to Build

    1. Install cmake
    2. At the command line cd to the root directory and run the following
    3. cd build
    4. cmake -G "Visual Studio 11" -D PYTHON_DIR="<YOUR_PYTHON_DIR>" -D IDA_SDK="<YOUR_IDASDK_LOCATION>"" -D IDA_DIR="<YOUR_IDA_DIRECTORY>" .. e.g. cmake -G "Visual Studio 11" -D PYTHON_DIR=":\Anaconda" -D IDA_SDK=C:\dev\IDA\idasdks\idasdk64 -D IDA_DIR="C:/Pr ogram Files (x86)/IDA 6.4" ..
    5. cmake --build . --config Release
    So far only tested with "Visual Studio 11" compiler.
    To do/Future Ideas

    • x64 Support
    • More examples
    • Create a library for cell/line magic functions specific to IDA

  2. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

    I had to make another line to build it proberlly

    Code (Text):
    C:\ida_ipython-master>cmake.exe -G "Visual Studio 10" -D PYTHON_LIB="C:\Python27\Anaconda" -D IDA_DIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\IDA 6.6" -D IDA_SDK="C:\idasdk66" -D PYTHON_DIR=":C:\Python27\Anaconda" CMakeLists.txt
    then build it with
    Code (Text):
    --build . --config Release

    remember to download python 2.7.9 soure cause it would need Pyhton.h to build copy content of source python \ include into src folder of plugin.

    Also you would have to set Python_home in inviroment settings to Anaconda folder.

    Last you can owerwrite the PyQt4 folder in anaconda folder with the one from original python.
    Same for PySide.
    PyQt and PySide wont work since its build with Qt-namespace

    Build for ida 6.6

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    Last edited: Feb 15, 2015
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  3. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

    Release 0.9 is out

    download here or head to source


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