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Release IDA 7.2 PyQt package

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by jinoweb, Feb 14, 2019.

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  1. jinoweb

    New Member

    Archive contains:
    • Python 2.7.15 rebuilded with MSVC 2015
    • sip 4.9.13
    • PyQt5 5.11.3 builded with Qt5 5.6.3
    • PyQt5 5.11.3 builded with Qt5 5.12.1
    • QScintilla 2.10.8
    • python modules: capstone, enum34, levenshtein, packaging, pip, pip-review, pyparsing, pywin32, setuptools, six, yara, zstd
    • Qt5 5.6.3 and 5.12.1

    All are builded with MSVC 2015 as IDA 7.2 builded itself.
    To use one or another PyQt5+Qt5 just rename PyQt5-%Qt5_version% folder under LIb\site-packages to PyQt5.
  2. storm shadow

    Techbliss Owner Admin Ida Pro Expert Developer

    Cool thanks